1/5 Scale Electric Rock Crawler - Gun Metal-CRAWLER-GUNMETAL

1/5 Scale Electric Rock Crawler - Gun Metal-CRAWLER-GUNMETAL


1/5 Scale Electric Rock Crawler - Gun Metal



Ready to claw its way through the toughest terrain, the Redcat Racing Clawback 1/5 scale rock crawler can go where most RC crawlers can only dream of. The Clawback is GIGANTIC!

The Clawback 1/5 scale rock crawler is the largest vehicle Redcat currently offers. With a massive 650mm adjustable wheelbase, the Clawback is huge!

It’s obvious the Clawback’s incredible size helps it to claw over obstacles normally way too large for the typical 1/10 scale crawler, but this isn’t a novelty vehicle. The Clawback is an extremely capable high end crawler, loaded with performance enhancing design features.

This 4WD solid axle rock crawler features motors on axles for extra smooth power delivery, which also puts the weight where it’s utilized best, over the wheels. The 4-link suspension is fully tunable with large amounts of travel and articulation. Curved lower suspension links provide even more clearance allowing the Clawback to climb over ridiculous obstacles like tree stumps and your friends’ rock crawlers. Each of the suspension links has multiple mounting locations, so the suspension geometry and wheelbase can be tweaked to individual driving styles and course conditions.

The Clawback uses huge aluminum body, threaded collar, oil filled, coil over shock absorbers. The threaded collars allow for quick adjustments to ride height and spring tension, while multiple shock mounting positions allow precision tweaks to suspension performance characteristics.

It’s beneficial for a vehicle this large to be able to navigate tight spots, which is where 4-Mode 4-wheel steering comes into play. The Clawback’s 4-wheel steering utilizes two high torque 1/5 scale metal gear steering servos, directly mounted to the front and rear axles. Metal servo horns are used to ensure reliable performance while steering those huge off-road crawler tires.

The Clawback uses 4-mode 4-wheel steering technology for the very best performance and steering control. Cycle through the four steering modes, on the fly, no matter what speed or obstacle the Clawback is engaged in. The four steering modes are; front wheel only steering, 4-wheel tight radius steering, 4-wheel side crawl steering, and rear wheel only steering.

The Clawback’s huge tires look amazing while clawing their way through rough terrain. The aggressive tread design rivals that of popular full scale off-road tires. Clamped between large aluminum bead lock rings, these tires are firmly mounted and will pull the Clawback through difficult obstacles.

  • • Large scale rock crawler, 4WD, 4-Mode 4-Wheel steering, 3-channel 2.4GHz radio, Aluminum chassis, Solid axles, Motors on axles (MOA), 4-Link suspension, Threaded oil filled shocks, Ball bearings throughout.
  • • Tunable suspension, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable wheel base, Adjustable toe angle, Tunable shocks, Selectable shock positions.
  • • Gigantic size dwarfs the average rock crawler, Realistic looking crawler tires, Detailed body w/ many scale accessories, Licensed ADDICTIVE DESERT DESIGNS accessories.
  • • Dual 42T RC550 Brushed Electric Motors, Waterproof 40A ESC, Dual waterproof high torque steering servos, 2.4GHz 3-channel radio system.
  • • Assembled & Ready to Run - Requires 7-cell NiMH battery or 2S LIPO battery & Charger - Requires AA Batteries for Transmitter.


Motor Type

Dual 42T RC550 Brushed Motors


Single Speed

Drive System

4 Wheel Drive


650mm ~ 680mm Adjustable

Chassis Type



Aluminum Body Oil Filled

Speed Control

40a Brushed Waterproof ESC


3800mAh NIMH with charger

Radio System

2.4GHz 3 Channel

  • Redcat Racing Warranty Information

    Redcat Racing Warranty Information

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  • Items Not Covered

    Items Not Covered

    • • Drive train and suspension parts
    • • Gears Including spur, clutch-bell and others
    • • Clutch & Clutch Spring
    • • Pull Start
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