1/5 Brushless Electric Monster Truck - Blue




Pulling into the local RC park, you see many fellow enthusiasts running their 1/10 scale vehicles. Curious as you pull the Rampage XTE from your trunk, their eyes focus on the huge 1/5 scale monster truck. With an authoritative thud, you drop Rampage XTE to the ground. All other RC vehicles roll to a halt, their drivers peer in your direction. With a brisk stab of the throttle, the Rampage XTE jumps to life clawing at the dirt beneath. The Rampage XTE launches itself forward, as if it were running for its life, from the wall of debris frantically chasing it around the park.

Like cockroaches, the other RC vehicles scatter to the field's edge, as their drivers are in awe of this incredible spectacle unfolding right in front of their eyes. You have officially gained everyones full attention.

The large 1/5 scale Rampage XTE 4WD monster truck is now hurling dirt in every direction, as if a crazed beast was frantically searching for underground prey. The Rampage XTE is a sight to see.

Aluminum bodied oil filled shocks, coupled with 4-wheel independent suspension, add a degree of prowess to the XTE‘s otherwise aggressive display of dominance. The 980KV RC4485 brushless motor and 150A ESC provide loads of instant power for crazy, earth altering, hole shots. Its large monster truck tires ensure traction on almost any surface.

Everything on the Rampage XTE is big, including its tunable sealed gear differentials, steel drive cups, and large diameter drive shafts.

The Rampage XTE doesn't rely solely on its impressive size and scary power to turn heads. With its aggressive stance and stylish monster truck body, the Rampage XTE looks just as good on the shelf, as it does driving over other RC vehicles.

The Rampage XTE 1/5 scale monster truck is ready to run and includes, two 11.1V 3900mAh LiPO battery packs, LiPO charger, and fully functional digitally proportional radio system. The 2.4GHz radio system commands precision from the large scale metal gear steering servo, which allows the driver to remain in control, as drool collects at the feet of onlookers.

As you near the end of your run, you drive the Rampage XTE back to its starting position. Still in awe, spectators slowly pick up their jaws and begin to process what they've just witnessed.

Still trembling with excitement, you realize that you may have just experienced the single most exciting moment of your entire life. Looking out among the other RC enthusiasts, who are now dreaming of owning a Rampage XTE 1/5 scale monster truck for themselves, you shout, "You have just witnessed the Rampage!"

  • • Huge 1/5 scale brushless electric monster truck, Shaft driven 4WD, 4mm 6061T6 Aluminum chassis, Aluminum body oil filled shocks, Bearings throughout.
  • • Tunable suspension, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable toe angle, Adjustable camber angle, Tunable shocks, Selectable shock positions, Tunable gear differentials.
  • • Incredibly fast and powerful, Aggressive stance, Large monster truck tires.
  • • 980KV RC4485 Brushless electric motor, 150A Brushless waterproof ESC, Powerful large scale steering servo, 2.4GHz radio.
  • • Assembled & Ready to Run - Includes (2x) 11.1v 3900mAh LiPO Batteries & LiPO Charger - Requires AA Batteries for transmitter.

    Motor Type

    980KV RC4485 Brushless Motor


    Single Speed

    Drive System

    4 Wheel Drive









    Ground Clearance


    Chassis Type

    4mm Aluminum 6061T6


    Aluminum Body Oil Filled

    Speed Control

    150A Brushless Waterproof ESC


    Qty. 2 - 11.1v 3900mAh LIPO Batteries & Charger included

    Radio System

    2.4GHz Radio System


  • Redcat Racing Warranty Information

    Redcat Racing Warranty Information

    Limited 90 Day Warranty

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  • Items Not Covered by warranty

    Items Not Covered

    • • Drive train and suspension parts
    • • Gears Including spur, clutch-bell and others
    • • Clutch & Clutch Spring
    • • Pull Start