AeroflyRC8 (DVD for Win 7/8/10)

AeroflyRC8 (DVD for Win 7/8/10)

SKU: AF3091001

The new AeroflyRC8 is raising the bar for RC flight simulators and more!

With over 60 highly detailed PhotoFields and 4D flying sites combined with 246 highly detailed flying models your RC flying will be enhanced like never experienced before!

The flight physics of each model is as good as it gets. AeroflyRC8 is the only RC flight simulator on the market that derives its accurate flight physics and model visuals from the award winning and popular aeroflyFS2 flight simulator. This provides you with the most accurate flying experience that makes aeroflyRC8 the number one RC simulator for accurate visuals and real flight simulation

Whether you fly airplanes, helicopters, sailplanes or drones aeroflyRC8 provides a complete and immersive flying experience with pylon and FPV racetracks, training exercises or just fun game play all comfortable from your home.

aeroflyRC8 is compatible with VR headsets as well as our StickMover which will make you view and feel flight like no other product available on the market today.

Whether you are a seasoned RC pilot, beginner learning the joy of RC model flying or just want to improve and hone your skills aeroflyRC8 will not disappoint you!

AeroflyRC8 is compatible with a wide variety of hardware platforms and products. See the specifications on the aeroflyRC8 product page for further details.


  • Most accurate flight physics also used in flight simulators
  • Includes over 60 highly detailed PhotoField quality flying sites (USA and Europe)
  • 4D flying sites for a more immersed flying experience
  • Multi-Panoramas at select flying fields
  • Easy to use user interface. No prior experience required.
  • Wide selection of airplanes, helicopters, sailplanes, drones and true scale airplanes
  • Multiplayer options compatible with local and internet networks
  • Wide selections of training exercises and game play
  • Compatible with most existing USB flight controllers
  • Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC-Vice headsets
  • Works with Avirem StickMover
  • Works with existing radios with PPM output (DSC port)